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Since the arrival of the global coronavirus pandemic as well as the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, Grab Your Wallet Alliance has seen traffic to its public boycott list rise dramatically.

If past is prologue, anytime traffic to the list increases, it means the companies on the list are likely hearing direct feedback from far more people about their ongoing ties to the Trump administration. As a result of that increased pressure, we believe, the Alliance has started to hear directly from several of the companies on the boycott list.

Below is a summary of the…

Close up of the rainbow skirt of a Gay Pride participant. A pin on the skirt reads “Protect Black Trans Women.”
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Please contact the PR rep of the company that owns Soul Cycle and Equinox Gym. Right now if possible. The email address to use is

(The reason this is not a Soul Cycle email address is that Samantha Bonizzi Works for the PR firm that represents Soul Cycle/Equinox’s parent company, Related Companies. Her email address is publicly available.)

We can’t share further details supporting this call to action, but hopefully soon, we won’t need to!

One example of something you could say to Ms. Bonizzi is, “Given the ways in which racist and violent actions by the police and…

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From the moment coronavirus hit, the Grab Your Wallet Alliance began hearing from a wide variety of workers about the conditions in which they are being asked to do their jobs right now. While many are facing the prospect of having their hours reduced to zero or losing employment altogether, many are being expected to work longer hours than normal, under more stressful and sometimes “beyond Christmas”-like circumstances. Here are their tips for helping them stay well:

  1. Follow the rules and be kind. From grocery store clerks to pharmacists, the most common thing we’re hearing from workers right now is…

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I’m an easy follow on Twitter. I’ll often follow someone just because they cracked a good joke or have an interesting sounding job.

Some of my recent follows include an accordion historian, a woman who claimed “I’m so liberal, the trees hug me,” and a guy whose bio is just a lyric from a Funkadelic song. If you identify yourself as a librarian, space nerd, and/or a grandmother on Twitter, there’s a good chance I’ll follow you on the spot, despite the fact I’m none of those things.

Most users of the platform are more selective than I am. The…

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A few weeks ago, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. That same evening, I found myself in a good natured argument with a friend about whether or not he’s qualified for the job.

Her position, in a nutshell, was that being mayor of a large city makes you plenty qualified to be a U.S. president. Mine was no. It does not.

I wish I could say I’ve had similarly constructive conversations about Pete Buttigieg, but I’m pretty sure that sighing loudly and rolling my eyes at the mere mention of his…

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Last summer, I found myself on the phone with a man whose son had been murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Six-year-old Noah Pozner was the youngest victim at Sandy Hook that day. In one memorial, he’s described as an energetic and “endlessly inquisitive” little boy. In the conversation I had with his father, Leonard Pozner explained to me that since Noah’s death, he’d spent a good deal of time finding Sandy Hook-related hoax sites and trying to get them taken down.

These websites, mostly blogs, are created by people who fabricate content aimed at persuading readers…

The #GrabYourWallet boycott launched October 11, 2016 in the wake of the release of the Access Hollywood tape.

Since it began, the boycott has been organized around this list. Historically, there have been a few different ways a company could find itself on it. If a company had a financial relationship with the Trumps—either through the selling of Trump brands or sponsorship of a large, annual event at Mar-a-Lago—it was added to the list. A select number of retailers with leaders and board members who supported Trump’s political rise, whether through donations, endorsements or fundraisers, were put on the list…

Note: this story was published in the fall of 2018 in advance of the midterm elections.

The 32 Democratic candidates and one independent on this list had one thing in common: in 2018, they were all running in especially tight U.S. House, U.S. Senate and U.S. governorship races. Since their victories represented the best hope of pushing back on the Trump administration for the ensuing two years, we thought it’d be great if there was a quick, easy way for people to donate to all 33 of these campaigns at once, but no such tool existed.

The good folks at…

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Update 9/6/18: we did it.

= = = =

This article is a Medium-based version of a viral Twitter thread I wrote about a very specific way we can encourage Twitter’s leadership to drop Alex Jones from its platform. So many people have participated in this action in a short period of time (71,000+ as of the morning of 8.16.18) that it made news the very first day it launched.

To encourage Twitter to drop Alex Jones, I personally blocked the Twitter accounts of every Fortune 500 company that has a Twitter presence. There’s a quick and easy way…

Lately the marketplace of ideas feels like an especially rough place for a lady to be. Various self appointed and distinctly vagina-free authorities have been turning women’s bodies into callous thought experiments.

First we heard Kevin Williamson contemplate the various punishments women should endure for having an abortion, including hanging.

Then, in the pages of the New York Times, Ross Douthat seemed to use misogyny fueled murders in Toronto as an occasion to casually ponder whether sex should be “redistributed,” including, apparently, to the friendless homicidal weasels who’d like very much to mow us down with their vans.

Initially, I…

Shannon Coulter

President of Grab Your Wallet Alliance, a non-profit that helps people flex their economic power in ways that promote an equitable, democratic society.

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