Pride Month Call to Action from #GrabYourWallet

Close up of the rainbow skirt of a Gay Pride participant. A pin on the skirt reads “Protect Black Trans Women.”

Please contact the PR rep of the company that owns Soul Cycle and Equinox Gym. Right now if possible. The email address to use is

(The reason this is not a Soul Cycle email address is that Samantha Bonizzi Works for the PR firm that represents Soul Cycle/Equinox’s parent company, Related Companies. Her email address is publicly available.)

We can’t share further details supporting this call to action, but hopefully soon, we won’t need to!

One example of something you could say to Ms. Bonizzi is, “Given the ways in which racist and violent actions by the police and public have been stoked by the Trump administration, are Related Companies’ principles concerned about its billionaire chairman Stephen M. Ross being a major Trump donor? Are there any implications for Related’s Stable of brands, given the mass protests taking place against racist police violence all over the world?”

Here’s another question you could ask, “Given longstanding institutionalized racism and police violence against the Black Community, including the murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, and untold others, is Related Companies concerned about its chairman Stephen M. Ross being associated with an administration seen by many as having encouraged such violence?”

If you’re writing an email to Ms. Bonizzi, you can, of course, make it about whatever reason you want, but please be very intentional about three things:

— Do not mention any other company in your email other than Related Companies (So Please Do *not* Mention Soul Cycle or Equinox)

— Please do specifically mention “Chairman Stephen M. Ross

— Please do specifically mention Related Companies’ “Principles.” (this just means the other principle investors at Related Companies.)

— Finally, please do feel free to use whatever tone and language you choose.

The Grab Your Wallet Alliance typically recommends using a polite, formal tone in such communications with companies, but we’re not recommending that today. Use whatever tone you feel most authentically reflects your feelings. We do, of course, ask that you never ever include even the suggestion of violence in your communications with companies. Slurs (gendered or otherwise) are also a big no-no.

If you’re on Twitter and you Tweet about having emailed related, use the #GrabYourWallet hashtag and we’ll try to RT you! Thank you, all you amazing people out there. Happy Pride Month 2020!!



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